Take Baby Steps With 5 Yoga Poses Explained For Yoga Newbies

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If you always wanted to start doing yoga but didn’t have the pleasure to actually do it, here we are to show you how to begin. Nobody was born a yoga practitioner; thus, it takes time, dedication and patience. However, as all good things, you need to start somewhere!

That is why I wanted to share with you 5 yoga poses for yoga newbies. They are the easiest position to start working with. You’ll see you will want even more because yoga relaxes your body and keep your mind focus on your core!

Also, if you feel joining a yoga group might be too intimidating for you, these yoga poses don’t require much. You can definitely practice at home until you get the positions right. There is no hurry nor mistakes, you would ace these poses if you just stay focus and keep your body in perfect balance.

Check them out:

1. Downward Facing Dog

Image Credits: Downward Dog Pose

From standing position bend over easily;
Place your hands on the floor;
Walk your hands until they get at the same level as the feet;
The position should look like a downward V;
Your legs should have your shoulder width;
Make sure you also spread your fingers apart;
Also, press through your palms and keep your hips pushed back;
Relax your neck and hold this position for 50 sec.

2. Downward Dog Split Pose

Image Credits: Downward Dog Split Pose

This pose is just a transition from downward dog pose;
While in position, slowly lift one foot in the air;
You will create a smooth line from hip to ankle;
Keep your body focus on keeping your standing leg strong;
Hold this position for 25 sec. then repeat the pose for the other leg.

3. Cat Pose

Image Credits: Cat Pose

Start on all fours, with a straight spine, head facing the floor;
Inhale slowly;
While you exhale, create a back curve, round your spine up;
Take your gaze to your belly button;
Slowly inhale again and on your next exhale return to starting position;
Hold the position for 20 sec. before returning to the original position.

4. Cow Pose

Image Credits: Cow Pose

On all fours, place your hands under your shoulders;
The feet should be under hips;
Spread your fingers and stretch your feet by tucking in your toes;
Your back should be flat to make the lifting easier;
Slowly lift and round your spine by tucking your tailbone and pushing your butt out;
Take a deep breath, and on your exhale, return to starting position.

5. Child’s Pose

Image Credits: Child’s Pose

Kneel on your hands and knees;
Keep your knees at a hip width;
Slowly sink your hips down towards your ankles;
Then, lengthen your back and forehead on the mat;
Breathe deep and focus on relaxing your muscles.

The newbies’ yoga poses could also be a great stretching routine for your pre-workout. They will stretch your back muscles, will keep your abdomen flat and your legs fit. Don’t let yoga scare you, you will do great!

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