Sculpt Your Summer Body! Great Workout Program For Lazy People

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Some of you might understand that particular moment when you want to workout to get rid of the belly fat, or simply just to tone your body, and laziness installs, not being able to move a pin, not to mention exercising.

Yeah, laziness is a tough disease, but you can combat that, because some particular fitness instructors thought to create a workout program perfect for lazy guys! This sounds great for me, not doing much but getting the same results!

The next exercises are the perfect workout for lazy people, and you can sneak-a-peak over it if you found yourself in this position!

1. Bicycle Crunches

Image Credits: Bicycle Crunches

While straightening one leg out, turn your body in the opposite direction by bringing your opposite elbow to the opposite knee. For example, if your left leg is straight, bring your left elbow to kiss your right knee. This creates a crunch. Swap sides continuously to create a pedal motion like a bicycle. Repeat this back and forth movement for as many reps as you want.

2. Simple Plank

Image Credits: Simple Plank

This move is super easy to do, and it works your body in several different areas, making it one of the best workouts for the lazy people out there. To get into plank, you start on your hands and knees. Using your toes, push your knees off the ground to sit in a push-up position. Instead of doing a push-up, however, just sit in the steady position for a few seconds. Usually, 30-second intervals are ideal for getting the best workout. You can modify this workout by either resting on your forearms or your hands.

3. Hip Bridges

Image Credits: Hip Bridges

For a lazy way to work out your glutes, these hip bridges are ideal. All you have to do is lay on your back, putting your hands on the floor to give you more stability. Bend your knees at a 90-degree angle, planting your feet firmly on the ground. While keeping your shoulders steady and your feet planted, slowly lift your hips off the ground as high as you can. Once you’ve reached your height, slowly lower your hips back down. Complete these bridges for a few reps to get a great workout for your backside.

4. Just Walk

Image Credits: Just Walk

Sometimes, just walking a little bit more every day can help you lose weight, especially when coupled with drinking more water and cutting back on junk food. This exercise routine is so simple. Many people count their steps, and some people walk on the treadmill for a few minutes every day. Even if you just choose to take the steps to your office every day or park further from the store, just a little bit more walking each day can help you burn calories and fat over time.

5. Outside Workouts

Image Credits: Outside Workouts

If you’re a TV watcher or you enjoy a good Netflix binge, during commercials or episode breaks, you can perform a quick five-minute cardio burst. Do some jumping jacks, run in place, try a few push-ups. Whatever it takes to get you moving, commercial breaks during your favorite TV show is a great way to burn some quick calories. You don’t have to give up your TV time, and you probably won’t feel like you are working out. Just five minutes is enough time to get your blood pumping to help you lose some weight.

6. Walking Lunges

Image Credits: Walking Lunges

To do the walking lunge, start in a standing up position, and swing one leg out in front and dip down into a 90-degree stance. Go as low as you can (safely), hold it for a few seconds, and then stand up straight, bringing your back leg to your front. Do the same thing with your other leg, bending as deep as you can, and stand up straight. Perform these lunges as you walk around your kitchen, to the bathroom, or to the refrigerator, and if possible, on the way back as well.

7. Superman Fly

Image Credits: Superman Fly

To do the Superman Fly, lay flat on the ground on your stomach with your arms straight out in front of you and your head up looking forward. From here, you have two options: you can either swing your arms to the side and come down to your legs in a big “fly” motion, or you can gently pulse them up and down a few inches at a time in the forward position. The second is ideal, as it works more of your core muscles, but either one will get you a nice, solid burn.

8. Squats

Image Credits: Squats

For best results, do this while you have a timer of some kind, like during a commercial break or while your dog is going to the bathroom in the backyard. Stand up straight and hold your arms out in front of you, then slowly lower your body until your legs are as close to 90 degrees as possible. Keep your eyes straight ahead and do not bend your back. Keep everything tight and hold it for a few minutes. It won’t be difficult at first, but the longer you hold it, the more you’ll begin to shake. And shaking is what we like.

9. Angled Pushups

Image Credits: Angled Pushups

To perform an angled pushup, simply grab hold of a sturdy piece of furniture, and lean forward on your toes (you can also do an angled pushup with your feet up and your body down, but that’s substantially harder). From there, do the exact same motion that you would with a regular pushup: arms bent gently at the sides, bring your chest to the surface, and push up slowly off of it. An angled pushup not only provides less resistance – making it ideal for beginners – but also allows you to perform more reps.

10. Alternating Push-Up Arm Raise

Image Credits: Alternating Push-Up Arm Raise

To do an alternating push-up arm raise, get into the standard plank position with your feet fully stretched out behind you and your arms straight on the floor. When you’re ready, lift one arm straight up into the air in front of you (like the superman pose), and gently rotate your body to the other side for balance. Hold your arm out in front for 5-10 seconds, then bring it back to the ground and do the same with your other side.

11. Touch Your Shoulder

Image Credits: Touch Your Shoulder

Start by getting your body in the standard plank setup; if that position is too hard, or you find yourself having difficulty during this workout, drop your knees to the ground to add some support. As quick or as slow as you like, lift one hand off the ground and touch the opposite shoulder, then place it back on the ground. Do the same with the other side, alternating hands until you feel tired.

12. Toe Touch

Image Credits: Toe Touch

Stand as straight as possible with your knees tall, but not locked. Then, bend at the hip and drop your arms down to the ground, reaching as far as you can. Make sure to keep your knees straight too; resist the urge to bend the knees to get extra distance. Don’t be upset if you can only reach your shins or ankles, over time, it’ll begin to improve, and you’ll start to see some improvements. You should feel your back and leg muscles stretch, but don’t push them too far; when you start to feel exceptionally sharp pain, back off a little.

Image Credits: Cheatsheet

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