Foot Stretches For Runners! Ease Plantar Fasciitis Pain

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If you keep repeating that there’s something up with your feet, like a stingy ache, or an intense ache such as plantar fasciitis, then you can easily say goodbye to running, or doing any other exercises.

I know that the pain is pretty annoying, hurting but not hurting, if you what I mean, being more like a discomfort than a pain, but it can bother you in doing your daily activities.

As a runner, plantar fasciitis is a problem, because you can kiss running goodbye, unless you start doing some foot stretches to soothe the pain. As Boston Marathon is approaching, I’m pretty sure that you want to join, and if you don’t want for that sharp sensation to come back, then practice the following foot exercises to improve your foot mobility and to get rid of foot pain.

1. Big toe extension lunge

Image Credits: Big toe extension lunge

Use a strap or elastic band under your big toes in a standing pose, such as Standing Forward Bend or Pyramid pose, where you have easy access to your big toe or toes. Once you are in the pose with the strap in place, slowly but actively lift up your big toe/toes into extension with the strap while keeping the ball of your foot/feet grounded.

2. Lacrosse ball plantar surface rolling

Image Credits: Lacrosse ball plantar surface rolling

Put a lacrosse or small massage ball under the arch of your foot. Applying pressure, roll the ball forward and back, side to side, under your foot. Continue for 60 seconds; repeat on opposite side.

3. Gastroc and soleus foam rolling

Image Credits: Gastroc and soleus foam rolling

Grab a foam roller. With the roller placed under your calf, right below the knee, place your hands on the ground a few inches out on either side of your hips, fingers pointing toward your feet. Press down into your hands to lift your butt off the mat, keeping your calves balanced on the roller. Roll your calf 10 times, making sure to avoid the back of the knee. Repeat on opposite side.

4. Pronation and supination drill

Image Credits: Pronation and supination drill

Start by standing in perfect posture, your left arm bent at 90 degrees in front of your body, holding a golf club in your left hand, the club head pointing at the floor.
Keeping your arm and elbow stationary, slowly turn your palm to face the ground.
Slowly reverse direction until your palm faces the sky.
Repeat for the desired number of repetitions on each side.
Repeat with the other hand.

Image Credits: Myfiveminuteyoga

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