6 Yoga Poses You Definitely Need For Back Pain Relief

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I think that yoga should be included in our day by day routine. This mind and body healing technique will bring balance and increase flexibility. Practising yoga may get you rid of tons of health problems from inside-out. Beside that each yoga pose is designed for healing a particular area of your body it will also improve your mind by releasing stress – which is the main “ingredient” for most health problems.

These days, the main health problem is back pain. Sitting down or standing for too long may in the incorrect position may aggarvate your spine, causing pain and tension in the muscles. Yoga can help you to get rid of these back pain problem for good by correcting your posture and releasing tension in the muscles that support your spine. The below yoga asanas are suitable to get rid of the pain and release muscle stiffness.

1. Chair Pose with Arm Rotation

Image Credits: Yogajournal

1. Squat into chair pose with feet together, arms overhead.
2. Keeping knees bent, circle arms backward and hinge torso forward to touch fingertips to ground.
3. Stand, reaching arms above head.
Do 8 reps.

2. Chair Pose with Twist

Image Credits: Yogabasics

1. Squat with feet together, arms in prayer position.
2. Draw navel into spine and twist to bring right elbow outside left knee.
Hold for about 3 breaths on each side.

3. Alternating Side Plank

Image Credits: Popsugar

1. Start in high plank position.
2. Lift left hand and roll onto the outside of the right foot to shift into right side plank.
3. Return to high plank, then lift right hand and roll onto the outside of the left foot to shift in left side plank.
4. Return to start.
Do 8 reps.

4. Cat-Cow Stretch

Image Credits: Theactivetimes

1. Start on all fours in tabletop position with a neutral spine.
2. Exhale and draw belly button to spine while rounding back and drawing chin toward chest.
3. Inhale and arch back, lifting tailbone and crown of the head towards the sky.
Do 8 reps.

5. Bird-Dog Crunch

Image Credits: Gethealthyu

1. Start on all fours, right leg reaching straight behind you, left arm straight ahead.
2. Crunch left elbow to right knee.
Do 8 to 10 reps, then hold with opposite arm and leg extended for 8 to 10 breaths on each side.

6. Vinyasa: Plank, Chaturanga, Upward Dog to Downward Dog

Image Credits: Tumblr

1. Start in high plank position.
2. Lower body halfway to the ground, elbows tight by sides, engaging core to keep the body in a straight line (chaturanga).
3. Shift weight forward, flip onto tops of feet and straighten arms, lifting chest up and the crown of the head toward the sky. Knees should hover off the floor (upward dog).
4. Shift hips up and back, forming an upside-down “V” shape (downward dog).
5. Shift weight forward over hands to return to start.
Do 8 reps.

Image Credits: Healthline

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