6 Relaxing Chair-Based Yoga Poses For Seniors With Arthritis

As we get towards golden days, we need to get our flexibility back. Especially when we are dealing with arthritis. It is a very difficult condition to handle, that’s why some movement should relax the body. The appropriate moves should incorporate breathing exercises, stretches, and relaxation. Personally, I think that chair-based yoga is a perfect therapeutic way to handle the symptoms without drugs and other medical intervention.

Thus, I have for you 6 relaxing chair-based yoga poses for seniors with arthritis you should try right away!

1. Cat/Cow Stretch Pose

Image Credits: Cat/Cow Pose

Start by sitting near the front of the chair seat;
Place your feet at a hip distance apart;
Put them firmly under your knees;
Straighten your arms;
Place your hands on or near your knees;
Before moving into the pose, establish the lift of your spine, from your sitting bones through the crown of your head;
While inhaling, start moving from your pelvis, rocking your hips forward;
As you continue to inhale, gently lift your spine and lengthen into a gentle backbend;
Lift your breastbone forward and up and allow your head and neck to lengthen out and back;
Hold the pose for 2 breaths every time you switch.

2. Seated Boat Pose

Image Credits: Seated Boat Pose

Start the pose from a seated position on your chair;
Place your hands behind your hips;
Try to lift up your chest towards the ceiling, keeping your back flat;
Bring your legs straight up into the air by raising your feet slowly off the floor;
You should have a 45-degree angle between your thighs and the floor;
Keep your spine stiff and raise one arm extended over your head.
Continue to inhale slowly, holding the pose for 2 breaths;
Repeat the same movement for the other leg and arm.

3. Half-Locust Pose

Image Credits: Half-Locust Pose

Start by sitting on the edge of the chair.
Place the right arm long alongside the right ear with the left arm next to the left side of the body;
Inhale as you press your hips and pelvis lifting all extremities;
Make sure that you keep both hips on the chair rooting the tailbone down;
Lengthen from the core of the pelvis out through the inseam of the leg which should be straight but not locked;
While lifting, elongate from the low belly upward through the crown of the head.
Repeat on each side and hold the pose for 3 breath.

4. Forward Bend Pose

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Image Credits: Forward Bend Pose

Start by sitting in the center of the chair;
Place your feet flat on the floor and about hip-width apart;
Position your knees directly above your feet, with your legs parallel to each other;
Tip forward from your hip joints, keeping your back as straight as possible;
Place your hands right under the chair, between your legs;
Hold this pose for 3 breath then gently lift your torso to the original position.

5. Bridge Pose

Image Credits: Bridge Pose

Start by sitting on the center of the chair;
Place your arms on the sides of the chair;
Exhale as you lengthen your spine and gently press with your arms;
Inhale as you press your feet into the floor and slowly lift your pelvis off the chair as high as possible;
While exhaling, come out of the pose and back to the original position;
Hold the pose for 3 breath before switching.

6. Raised Triangle Pose

Image Credits: Raised Triangle Pose

Start by sitting on the center of the chair;
Inhale as you raise your arms up to shoulder height;
Shift your hips right over the front extended leg extending the upper body;
Place the right hand into the hip cradle releasing the spine;
Place the left hand on the left hip and slightly rotate inward;
Slide the right hand down the leg to the shine;
Stack the left shoulder over the right shoulder and reach for the ceiling with the left hand;
The arms should be in a straight line with the head forming an even angle;
Keep your neck relaxed, your knees soft and your legs stretched but not strained.
Hold this pose for 6 breaths.

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