6 Happy Valentine’s Yoga Poses That’ll Bring You Closer

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Let’s get down to the facts! Even if you are crazily in love with your partner, sometimes routine comes up! And that is a struggle most couples face. However, take advantage of Valentine’s Day to reunite into a beautiful and relaxed yoga sequence.

Break monotony by adding a little spice to your couples routine that will totally reignite that amazing spark when you first meet. And what better way to do this than with yoga. Actually, it might be just what Cupidon ordered.

These poses for couples might be a little challenging, but keep in mind that you don’t have to be a yoga expert to get through them. As long as you have each other, it will work out just fine. Thus, embrace your partner and bring back that first-time connection with these yoga poses!

1. Partner breathing

Image Credits: Partner Breathing

From a seated position, cross your legs at the ankles or shins;
Keep your backs against each other;
Place hands on your thighs;
Begin a slow breath by inhaling and exhaling;
You will feel your partner’s back of the rib cage;
As you inhale, he should exhale and vice-versa;
Hold this position for three to five minutes.

2. Partner twist

Image Credits: Seated Spinal Twist

From the previous pose, place again the hands on the thighs;
Inhale and reach arms overhead, lengthening the spine as you reach up.
Exhale and twist to the right, bringing your right hand to the inside of your partner’s left thigh;
Bring your left hand to the outside of your right thigh;
Your partner should do the same motion.
Hold this pose for three to five breaths, then exhale, untwist and repeat on the opposite side.

3. Temple pose

Image Credits: Temple Pose

Face each other in a standing position.
Place your feet under the hips;
Then inhale, extend arms overhead;
Begin to hinge forward at the hips until you meet hands with your partner;
Slowly begin to fold forward;
Bing your elbows, forearms, and hands against each other.
Rest equal weight against each other and release chest and belly toward the floor.
Hold this pose for five to seven breaths;
Slowly walk toward each other, bringing torso upright and release arms down.

4. Thick tree pose

Image Credits: Thick Tree Pose

From a standing position facing your partner, bring the side of your hips together;
Raise your leg as your partner raises the opposite leg;
Guide them onto your inner upper thighs;
Wrap your arms around their waist;
Bring your palms together into prayer position;
Switch sides with your partner and repeat this pose.

5. Stacked Partner Praying Childs Pose

Image Credits: Stacked Partner Praying Childs Pose

While your partner is into child’s pose, slowly and gently place your shins on either side of their back;
Be cautious to not press against their spine;
Once you are stable, bring your head to rest between their shoulder blades;
Relax, hold this pose for 5 seconds then switch roles.

6. Double down dog pose

Image Credits: Double Down Dog Pose

Both start in a tabletop position one in front of the other;
Walk knees and feet back 5 or 6 inches;
Tuck your toes under so you are on the heels.
While exhaling, lift sit bones upward;
Bring the body into a downward V shape;
Hold this pose for five to seven breaths.

Have an amazing night on Valentine’s Day and enjoy your lifetime together, getting closer every day!

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