6 Flexible Yoga Poses For Seniors To Improve Balance

We love yoga because it is low-impact and it has lifelong flexibility benefits. Thus, anyone can do yoga. Do you think you are too old for yoga poses? Well, let me tell you, your golden years will get even golden. Yoga is incredible for seniors because it helps them maintain their balance. Moreover, doing relaxing yoga poses, you will also get to keep your joints flexible, maintain your bone health and your muscle mass.

Not to mention, yoga is great for focus, concentration, and emotional wellbeing. Thus, I strongly believe that seniors can benefit tremendously from these yoga poses. You will have your own place to quiet your mind and start relaxing slowly in life.

Check them out!

1. Bird Dog

Image Credits: Bird Dog Pose

Start by kneeling;
Stretch one arm forward;
Stretch the opposite leg back;
Keep your back straight;
Draw your belly button towards your spine;
Hold this position for 2 breaths, then switch sides and repeat five times.

2. Sphinx Pose

Image Credits: Sphinx Pose

Lie down on your stomach;
Place your forearms on the mat;
Keep your elbows under your shoulders;
Press firmly into the arms;
Draw your shoulder blades together;
Keep your back down on the floor;
Lift your abdominal muscles in and up and stay for five to eight breaths.

3. Cobbler’s Pose

Image Credits: Cobbler’s Pose

Sit on your glutes with your back straight;
Bring the soles of the feet together;
Open your knees out to the sides.
Fold forward for a deeper stretch;
Hold this pose for five to eight breaths.

4. Frog Pose

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Image Credits: Frog Pose

Begin in a seated position with your feet below your knees;
While exhaling, roll your spine forward and over your knees;
Stretch your knees as wide apart as possible;
Flex your feet and bring the inside edges to touch the mat;
Sink down into your pelvis;
Elongate the back of your neck;
Keep your gaze pointed down;
Allow your chest to drop into the floor;
Press your weight into your elbows and relax your belly;
Let your shoulder blades draw towards one another while pushing your hips down and back;
Hold this pose for 5 breaths.

5. Side Plank On Knee Pose

Image Credits: Side Plank On Knee Pose

From a plank on one knee, extended back the other leg;
Extend up your arm from the same side of the extended leg with the fingers spread wide;
The supporting leg should be bent and the foot and the knee angled out for balance;
The supporting arm should be straight and in line the extended arm with the joints stacked;
Tuck your pelvis under to protect the lumbar spine and keep your gaze up;
Hold this pose for 5 breaths.

6. Twisted Boat Pose

Image Credits: Twisted Boat Pose

Start in a seated position;
Lay back so you are on the tripod of your two sit bones and your tailbone;
Tap your toes to the floor and grasp behind your quads;
Lift your chest and lean back slightly;
Bring your shins parallel with your mat;
Lengthen the legs to create a V shape.
From this pose, bring your hands to your heart;
While inhaling, begin twisting from your lower back over towards the left;
While exhaling, take the twist over towards the right;
Hold this pose for 5-10 breaths on each side.

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