6 Entertaining Yoga Poses To Actually Lose Stubborn Belly Fat

I know how irritated I get facing stubborn belly fat. Especially if I don’t seem to lose it whatever I do. Not anymore, though. Because now I can incorporate some entertaining yoga poses with my daily healthy diet. I noticed that these yoga poses boosted my body’s metabolism and it really strengthened my core, thus eliminating stubborn belly fat. Check them out yourself, the battle is not lost!

1. Malasana (Yoga Squat)

Image Credits: Malasana (Yoga Squat)

Separate your feet as wide as your mat;
Turn your toes out slightly;
Bend your knees;
Lower your hips down towards the floor;
Bring your hands in a prayer position in front of your heart;
Allow the elbows to gently guide the knees and thighs open, keeping length in the spine;
Hold this pose for at least five full breaths.

2. Forearm Plank

Image Credits: Forearm Plank

Start at the top of a push-up position;
With toes tucked, lower down onto your elbows and forearms;
Keep your hips in line with the shoulders;
Bring your knees off of the ground;
Stack your shoulders over your elbows;
Keep the back of the thighs pressing up towards the sky;
Maintain a strong core and hold the pose for 30 seconds.

3. Triangle Pose

Image Credits: Triangle Pose

Tuck the back toes under and spin the left heel down;
Press down through the outer edge of the left foot;
Begin to straighten your right leg;
Engage both legs and consider stacking your left hip over your right;
Slide your right hand as far up your right leg;
Open the left arm up towards the sky, reaching out through the left fingertips;
Hold this pose for 20 seconds.

4. The Lunge Twist Pose

Image Credits: Lunge Twist Pose

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Stand with your legs at hip width and your knees slightly bent;
Lift both your hands in front of you aligning them with your shoulders and parallel to the ground;
Lunge forward slowly with your right leg;
The left leg should be positioned backward supported by the toes;
The spine should be kept straight;
Twist only your torso to the right and then to the left;
Hold this pose for 30 seconds.

5. Half-Moon Bend Pose

Image Credits: Half-Moon Bend Pose

While you stretch, move your hips.
Bring the palms together;
Focus on stretching and lengthening;
Easily bend with both extended arms to one side;
Hold the pose for 5 breaths;
Repeat on the other side.

6. Chest to Thighs With Intertwined Hands

Image Credits: Chest to Thighs With Intertwined Hands

Stand at the back of your yoga mat;
Keep your feet together;
Carefully bow forward, hinging from your hips;
Reach your hands behind your back and intertwine your fingers;
Bend your knees and press your chest into and down your thighs, keeping your neck long;
Hold for five full breaths.

There you go! These yoga poses helped me tremendously so I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did!

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