6 Beneficial & Relaxing Yoga Poses For Thyroid Problems

Yoga is incredible for many health issues allowing you to take care of your body. This article would like to introduce you to yoga poses that focus solely on stimulating the throat. Many people face thyroid problems which is why these yoga poses are perfect. By doing these poses, you will improve circulation in your neck, stretching and strengthening its muscles, where the thyroid is located.

Make sure you are executing these poses according to your flexibility. Thus, hold the poses only as long as they feel comfortable. Each of the below yoga poses is relaxing and very easy to try at home with a yoga mat.

1. Supported shoulder stand

Image Credits: Supported Shoulder Stand

Start by lying down flat on your back;
Bring the shoulders to the edge of the floor;
Make sure your head is resting comfortably on the mat;
Place the arms on your sides with palms facing down;
Press arms and back firmly into the floor;
While inhaling, lift legs up at a right angle;
While exhaling, lift legs up, pushing up onto the shoulders;
Push your hands into the lower back to support the hips;
Keep your stomach stiff, so the core is strong;
Hold your body and legs in a straight line up from the shoulders;
Keep your chin tucked into the chest;
Hold this position for 3 breaths and then lower the legs back down slowly, keeping the core firm.

2. Plow Pose

Image Credits: Plow Pose

Start by bringing your legs right over and behind your head;
Rest your toes on the floor;
Keep your lower back supported with your hands;
Hold this pose for 3 breaths and then bring the legs back above the head;
Make sure you keep your core firm.

3. Fish Yoga Pose

Image Credits: Fish Yoga Pose

Start by sitting down with the legs extended in front of you;
Place the hands on the mat behind your legs with your fingers tucked under your glutes;
Lower your elbows to the mat and lean backward;
Align the shoulders with the elbows;
Gently drop the head back, trying to touch the crown of your head on the mat;
Keep the chest up to the sky;
Hold this position for 3 breaths and then slowly lift your head up.

4. Bridge Pose

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Image Credits: Bridge Pose

Start by lying on the mat with your back on the floor;
Draw the feet inwards towards your hips;
Keep the feet and knees in line with your hips;
Having your arms by the sides, press the palms into the floor;
Lift the hips up to the ceiling and put the palms on the lower back for support;
Tuck the chin into your chest;
Hold this pose for 3 breaths and then slowly lower the hips.

5. Cobra Pose

Image Credits: Cobra Pose

Start by lying down on your stomach on the mat;
Place the palms on the mat under your shoulders;
Squeeze the elbows into your sides;
Press the palms into the mat;
Lift your head up until your chest lifts of the mat and your back is arched;
Hold this pose for 3 breaths and then slowly lower your chest and head back down.

6. Boat Pose

Image Credits: Boat Pose

Start by sitting on the floor with your legs out in front;
Make sure you place your hands on the mat, palms down, either side of the legs;
Slowly lean back, keeping the core firm, the chin tucked in, and the back straight;
While bending the knees, lift the feet off the floor;
Extend your legs and point your feet, so the legs and body make a V-shape;
Raise your arms, so they are in line with the shoulders;
Hold this pose for 5 breaths and then bring the arms and legs down slowly.

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