5 Rules to Consider When Making Weight-Loss Smoothies

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You’ve often heard that if you want to lose weight then you have to eat a smoothie in the morning. The truth is much more nuanced: there is nothing magical in smoothie that automatically leads to weight loss. The ingredients you use are the “pièce de résistance”. And if you do not know how to choose them, you’ll probably get fat instead of losing weight.

Rule 1: Your smoothie shouldn’t have more than 400 calories

You randomly mix in the blender all kind of ingredients to finally find out that your smoothie has more than 600 calories. Which is a lot. Your smoothie shouldn’t have more than 400 calories.

Rule 2: Your smoothie should contain fibers

Fibers are the ones that make you feel full for a long time. You should daily consume about 25 grams of fiber. The morning meal should have 10 grams of fiber.

The below table will help you choose the right decisions.

Rule 3: Your smoothie should contain protein

Proteins are digested harder, so you’ll burn more calories when digesting them. In the morning you should consume about 15 grams of protein. The most commonly sources are yogurt and milk.

Rule 4: Good fats

Although fats are high in calories, it is good to include small amounts in your menu. Add in your smoothie in small quantities: almonds, cashew, peanuts, peanut butter, linseed, chia seeds, and avocado seeds.

Rule 5: Carbohydrates

It is not recommended to make a smoothie using only fruits, as they have a large amount of sugar. In addition, you will get hungry pretty quickly. So you have to add vegetables. Add kale, avocado or nuts to avoid quick hunger sensation.

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