5 Free Youtube Yoga Videos For Complete Beginners

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Do you not have the time to join a yoga class? Can’t you build up enough confidence to try it out? Well, practice yoga right in the comfort of your home with simple Youtube videos!

Thus, if you always wanted to do yoga, check out these videos. These are the most popular yoga videos on Youtube with vetted yoga instructors so you can be completely safe doing the poses. They also give very good advice for the complete beginners so you can advance flawlessly towards your goal.

Give them a chance, you have different yoga classes for different workouts for your body. Moreover, they are all free, so you can start right away!

1. Adriene Mishler Yoga Videos

Adriene Mishler is the most-followed yoga teachers on YouTube. Thus, with more than 1.6 million subscribers, you will get different specialized classes. For example, she does “Yoga For Anxiety” or “Yoga For Runners”. Furthermore, if you think you are a complete beginner, with no experience at all, she also offers more basic classes.

One of her most popular videos is called exactly ‘Yoga For Complete Beginners’ with more than 7.9 million views. This is a 20-minute yoga routine that’s amazing for beginners because she shows gentle poses to bring balance to the body. With this video, you will relieve stress, getting ready to start your day fresh and relaxed. She also uploads new videos every Wednesday!

2. Jessamyn Stanley Yoga Videos

Jessamyn Stanley is a yoga instructor and a body activist. I love her mostly because she is on a mission to defy stereotypes about who can do yoga. Thus, her channel is perfect because it is relatable! Most importantly, I love the fact that she has mostly short videos for poses. It is quick, smart way to practice at home!

Another reason I love her channel is that she also offers classes and inspirational talks. Basically, a total badass. She has a special way to promote a positive body image and a positive self-esteem in ourselves. She helped me a lot, overcoming depression and years of body negativity. Definitely a special Youtuber you should check out!

3. Tara Stiles Yoga Videos

Tara Stiles is another YouTuber that offers yoga videos since 2007. She is generally a badass in the yoga world because she offers simple instruction for beginner yoga poses. I really loved watching her when I first got into yoga so I strongly recommend you do the same.

4. Dana Falsetti and Yoga Tree Videos

Dana Falsetti and Yoga Trees videos are all about inner peace and struggling to love your own body. Her channel is mostly based on quick tutorials, which are very helpful when you just started yoga.

She also became popular quickly because she also posts photos of her results quite frequently. Thus, you can keep track on her journey just as you will be keeping on yours. Not to mention, Falsetti also does complicated and advanced yoga postures, contorting her body in amazing ways. Most of all, she is relatable, transparent, and authentic, you’ll just fall in love with her classes.

5. Lesley Fightmaster and Yoga Body Workout Videos

Lesley Fightmaster is a great Youtuber for yoga body workout videos. This is great if you are just looking to improve your glutes. Following her every Monday for new yoga videos, you will get a mix of classes and tutorials. Moreover, they range from beginner to advanced.

I think she is an amazing yoga teacher for anyone who’s new. The video above is particularly my favorite because it’s nice and relaxing.

There you have them, you can start with confidence right away; soon enough you’ll be so advanced at yoga poses you just won’t be able to stop. It is just a journey towards inner peace, positive body image and relaxation!

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