5 Desk Stretches You Can Easily Do At The Office

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Nowadays, most jobs are done while sitting, spending hours on a chair in front of the computer. Standing in the same position long-term may cause body achiness, and your posture will worsen, making you look a turtle. This sounds familiar? I know there are many ergonomic chairs to prevent that, but most of us don’t respect the chair’s instructions, and you’ll end with your spine rounded staring at your computer desktop. You can stretch at work if you want, without being necessary to sit on a yoga mat, or to skip work. While sitting, you can stretch easily, releasing tension in the arms, shoulders and neck. Also your upper back will be less painful.

I know, sounds great to loosen muscles tension throughout the day without spending a dime.

1. Cat and cow

Image Credits: Cat and cow

These seated poses help counter hunched-over-the-keyboard posture by stretching the spine and shoulder blades. The cat pose is a gentle backbend, and the cow is a forward bend. Start with your feet flat on the ground, hands on knees. On an inhale, push your chest and belly forward, letting your spine gently curve. Life your gaze slightly upwards. As you exhale, round your spine, drop your head and take your gaze downward toward your navel. Repeat for 5 to 10 breaths.

2. Shoulder opener

Image Credits: Shoulder opener

If you’re feeling the mid-afternoon slump, simply interlace your hands behind your back, then draw your shoulders in behind you. This opens up your shoulders and the front of your chest. To go deeper into the stretch, extend your arms backward and bring the stretch all the way into your wrists and forearms.

3. Ankle-to-knee pose

Image Credits: Ankle-to-knee pose

One way to counter lower back pain is to open up the hips. Cross one leg over the other, so your ankle aligns with your knee. Hold it for a few breaths, then repeat on the other side. If you want to go deeper, lean your upper body over the desk.

4. Side stretch

Image Credits: Side stretch

Place one hand on the side of your chair, the other arm up. Keep both shoulders relaxed as you lift up and over. Repeat on both sides.

5. Twist

Image Credits: Twist

Lace fingers behind your head. Gently twist your body in your seat from one side to the other.

Image Credits: H-wave

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