10 Relaxing & Inspiring Mother-Daughter Yoga Poses

Wither Mother’s Day is coming or if you are looking for fun ways to introduce your little girl to yoga, these poses will do that and even more.

There is always a good chance your little girl will follow in your shoes. Thus, showing her different yoga poses will probably bring her so much joy and also discipline. These poses are perfect for her to focus and have balance from the beginning of her youth.

Furthermore, you will also enjoy spending more time with her, relaxing from your household duties. She’ll grow up to be everything you wanted for her. Get ready and see the most relaxing and inspiring mother-daughter yoga poses!

1. Mother/Daughter Down Dog Pose

Image Credits: Down Dog Pose

From standing position, lean easily forward until you reach the floor with your hands. Make sure your daughter is right under you, doing the same thing. Thus, you get this beautiful pose that will stretch both your legs and arms!

2. Upward Facing Dog Pose

Image Credits: Upward Facing Dog Pose

Facing each other, with your belly on the floor and your legs extended on the back, lift your torso with your arms straightened. Your daughter will enjoy this pose with you, having some fun while stretching your muscles!

3. Mother/Daughter Yoga Wall Mural

Image Credits: Yoga Wall Mural

From a squat position, extend one leg on the back and lift your arms with palms facing each other. It is a beautiful pose to practice with your daughter!

4. Headstand Lotus Pose

Image Credits: Lotus Pose

This lotus pose is a little bit difficult but when you have your daughter watching your back, what could go wrong? From a lotus pose, start leaning forward, raising your torso in order to get your feet parallel to the floor. Stand in your head, I bet your daughter rocks this pose!

5. Extended Leg Squat

Image Credits: Extended Leg Squat

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This pose is so cute to practice with your little princess. It will strengthen both your legs. While keeping your hands together, extend one leg on one side and hold the balance with your other leg.

6. Tree Pose

Image Credits: Tree Pose

If you are looking to introduce your daughter to yoga, this is the simplest pose you could both work on. This is tree pose where you put your sole on the opposite inner thigh. It looks easy and it is stunning to practice!

7. Bow Pose

Image Credits: Bow Pose

The bow pose will be, again, one of your little girl favorite since this one she does every day when she’s playing. It is very interactive and fun to do at the same time!

8. Camel Pose

Image Credits: Camel Pose

The camel pose looks so beautiful when you are doing it with your daughter. Standing on your knees, lean backward, making sure you touch your feet. With your daughter facing you, it will resemble this amazing heart-shaped pose!

9. Wall Support Handstand

Image Credits: Wall Support Handstand

This pose will come easy for your little girl if she’s playing around standing in her head. However, doing it at the same time it will connect each other even more, keep both of you flexible!

10. Bridge-Wheel/Lotus Pose

Image Credits: Bridge-Wheel & Lotus Pose

This pose is by far the hardest to achieve but with a little bit focus, you can do it! Your daughter is the center of your life so it will be mesmerizing having her in a lotus pose while you are doing the bridge-wheel.

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